Awakening Soul Sanctuary In Costa Rica

Awakening Soul Sanctuary in Costa Rica is a gorgeous natural healing center, an educational center, an organic farm, a spiritual sanctuary, and a great environment to  ask and seek the answer to the question ¨ Who am I ?¨  

Awakening Soul Natural Healing Center

Awakening Soul natural healing center offers individual and group therapy, personal healing retreats, guided cleansing and detoxification programs, workshops,training, and more. 

Awakening Soul Organic Farm


Awakening Soul Internship

Let the discovery begin.  The goal of the Awakening Soul internship is to help young people of all ages seek answers to that simple and complex question… ¨Who Am I?¨ Learn more about the Awakening Soul internship program in Costa Rica.

Awakening Soul Internship Program


Holistic Educational Retreats and Intensives

Awakening Soul Earth Training Sanctuary (ASETS) offers individual and group retreats for you who are ready to invest in your personal awakening and in our collective awakening. Gain practical knowledge and experience as we co-create the new Earth together in Jaguar Trail, Central America. Your investment of time, energy, money, and other resources directly advances you in mind, body, and spirit and provides you the tools to continue growing in and spreading peace, love, and empowerment. In addition to core educational foundations in progressive and regenerative design, building, permaculture, and food forests; your holistic educational retreat also includes a strong emphasis on natural healing and balance of body, mind, and emotions so that your soul may soar in the Spirit.  Your holistic educational retreat gives you an intensive taste and a basic idea of our longer term student and healing programs provided at the Awakening Soul Earth Training Sanctuary.