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The Awakening Soul Internship program is designed for  people who are ready to go to new depths of personal exploration and transformation.  We have observed that many times people go through traditional schooling, and even university, and then enter the business or work world without a real sense of direction or purpose.  The mission of the Awakening Soul internship is to assist  in self-discovery, awakening, and personal empowerment.

This program is for those who are seeking a spiritual path. We do not seek to push religion, doctrine, or dogma on anyone.  In fact we seek to know the Divine outside the walls of religion.  We seek to live the example of unconditional love into all we do. We believe that we are much more than just human beings… we are spiritual beings created to walk in union with Spirit, and in union with one another. We  assist interns in the voyage of self-discovery through one-on-one meetings, group meetings, and daily interactions while working on the farm.

Our leadership team has been on the conscious journey of self-discovery and of surrender to Spirit for many years.   Combined, they have assisted hundreds of young people in various phases of the journey of the heart. Interns will interact deeply within our community, and will be challenged to greater self-discipline in in regards to spiritual, bodily, emotional, and mental health .  We seek students who are serious about their own journey of the heart  The Awakening Soul internship program is designed to be challenging – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We call those who are eager to take their lives to the next level… to truly awaken!



Let it be clear now before reading or considering any further.  Our program is designed to sharpen the intern in every way.  Great emphasis is placed on discipline.  We do have a lot of fun, and seek to maintain a playful and light-hearted approach to life, while also continuing on a very self-disciplined path.  Those who are not seeking, or are not ready for greater discipline, need not apply.  Likewise, those seeking to continue in patterns of drug or alcohol abuse, or other forms of self abuse or apathy, need not apply.

Please note:  All program fees received help to pay the basic expenses of the intern.  Any remaining funds help to support the building and maintenance of the farm, food and living expenses, scholarships for other interns, and supplies for further outreach, and eventually to build a global network of self-sustaining communities, which can also support orphans.  We are a non-profit corporation.  A limited amount of scholarships are available based on financial need.  Intern fees are non-refundable…Yes, that means commitment to completion!

We do not seek people to follow us, or to follow a path of the ego…rather, we seek to assist others to discover their destiny, be empowered, and to surrender to the Spirit. We do not seek to change or convert people to any particular religion. Our program is an experiment in living simply.  This is not a fancy resort.   We live very humbly.  Our farm is surrounded by virgin rainforest and we have all kinds of wonderful bugs and other critters.  Some bugs bite, some crawl, some scamper.  If you are afraid of or uncomfortable with bugs…come with the intention to overcome the fear.  The farm can get muddy when rains come.


CELL PHONES AND INTERNET:   The sanctuary is a cell phone FREE zone. Please do not bring a cell phone or other similar device. There is no Wi-fi access here. There is an internet cafe a short distance from the farm if needed. 


DAY OF REST: Saturdays are our day of rest (Sabbath.) There are no circles, classes, or group activities on Saturdays. Some of us may choose to fast from eating and talking on Saturdays. We encourage interns to join us in this discipline. We have found it is an excellent way to go deeper spiritually. It is also an excellent way to love ourselves, care for our bodies, promote health, and intuition. For those who do not wish to fast,  food will be provided.We do request that everyone respect this day as a quiet day .



  • Lodging (lodging varies from private room or shared room in a community house, dormitory, or private cabina)
  • Includes personal, one-on-one, empowerment counselling sessions in physical, emotional, and spiritual growth (for those who desire)
  • Personal health guidance for diet, cleansing, fasting, healing, and more
  • Interns are asked to contribute a minimum of 4 hours of service work per day with Saturdays off to rest
  • Selfless Service will vary, and may include: weeding gardens, planting, maintaining gardens, natural building; kitchen clean-ups, meal prep, household chores,  teaching, organizing, facilitating, and participating in children’s workshops and classes, arts and crafts, and other outreach projects
  • Meals on Awakening Soul property included (organic, freshly prepared, vegetarian, gourmet meals!)
  • Eats meals with family (for breakfast and dinner, lunch is more casual)
  • May include placement in a local school as a teacher or teachers assistant if desired
  • Includes hands-on experiential  instruction, workshops, and classes in the arts, natural healing, yoga, meditation, sustainable building,  food preparation, organic gardening, organic farming, permaculture, and spiritual growth


Awakening Soul Internship Tuition Costs:

1.  3 Month program – $4000 US

2.  6 Week program – $1800 US

  • Contact us if financial assistance is needed – Our fees are designed to cover the basic costs of food and housing, and to assist the project in moving forward with the vision – fees are not designed to exclude anyone who is serious about the journey of the heart. We may be able to offer partial work trade opportunities from time to time.
  • Start date is varied and flexible

It is important for us to express that the internship is not simply a flurry of exciting events and action, rather, there is a great deal of time for deep personal reflection, alone time, and simply digging in the dirt on the farm.  Please do not come with the expectation of constant activity.  In fact, letting go of expectations is one of the principles we are learning here at Awakening Soul. We are finding that life is like a river, and so is journey we call  Soul.  As the final destination of a river is oneness with a lake or the ocean, the final destination of life is oneness with the Great Spirit.  As we continue to surrender as an organization, we are finding that our own expectations are continually being challenged to a greater and more exciting flight.  So…we encourage you to begin your conscious revolution now in your own heart, to let go of attachments, expectations, and judgments of what things “should” look like, now in your life, and when you arrive here to Awakening Soul.  Let the river flow…and let’s all keep asking the question…”Who Am I?”

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Please note:

  • $500 down payment is required to reserve your space in either of these programs.

  • Full payment for the program is due prior to or upon arrival at Awakening Soul.

  • Internship fees are non-refundable.